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Adoptable Dogs

April 18, 2022


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Written by: Bob Guere
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Murray is the newest addition to the Mutt Crew and Murray is the perfect name! We feel like Murray is a reincarnated grandfather, more specifically a retired insurance salesman who gets along, but has put on a bit of weight in retirement. He is just happy to be-wherever that is. He’s a stray that ended up at the Tehachapi Vet Hospital, which is good for him because they worship him over there. Michelle has a way with these abandoned strays and she has taken him on as her little (or big) project.
Murray IS microchipped to a person in Washington State, but after many calls and messages, we haven’t heard back from the owner in over a week. Not to worry though, my main-man Murray, a wonderful destiny awaits! Murray is a senior at about 10 years old, but after adopting out Chief, I have no doubt that Murray will find his forever family. He’s a stunner of a block-headed black lab and weighs in at an impressive 106, but he can get around very well and literally shoots up like he’s sitting on a spring when the staff readies him for a walk. Adoption application is below for our lovable Lab!
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Reichen - ADOPTED!

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