We are focusing a lot of attention on community outreach efforts to the kids and young adults in Kern County. We regularly visit elementary and junior high school classes, spreading Marley’s Mutts’ message of compassion-in-action. We feel it is crucially important to educate children about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets, giving their dogs proper exercise and other constructive outlets for their abundant energy, and treating their pets like part of the family just as they would any of their human relatives.

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Because all of us at Marley’s Mutts have meaningful stories as to how dogs have “saved” us, we are also able to share with kids the great power inherent in the human-canine bond. We want to teach our youth that this special relationship is something they can count on when in need of love and support, no matter what challenges they may be facing at home or at school. We consider this something akin to “preventative medicine for the soul”. A measure to catch the dog guardians of tomorrow when they are young, and instill in them the desire to care for, serve and protect all animals.

We also love visiting any and every community organization that invites us to come by! We regularly bring our dogs to Valley Achievement Center for children with autism, Mountain Pathways day center for adults with developmental disabilities, Aurora Learning Center for kids with special needs, H.E.A.R.T.S. Connection (resources for families of children with disabilities), and the list goes on!

Keep an eye on our Miracle Mutts Blog for pictures, video and stories of our visits to all of these wonderful schools and community organizations!

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