ere at Marley’s Mutts, we couldn’t do anything without the help of you, The Mutt Militia!  Your frequent, generous donations are the life-blood of this rescue.  We regularly set up mutt-specific fundraisers or those for a specific cause or event, because we know each of our donors are different, and your hearts are led by different mutts, etc.

Many times we have dogs that we rescue and they have an illness or injury that can run up astronomical medical bills.  Luckily in many cases we get discounts for Veterinary services. But sometimes the bills run into totals that would make most people’s jaws drop to the ground.  So why do we do this?  Why do we go through such great lengths to make a dog healthy again.  The answer is simple;  We believe we can make a difference!  The difference in a dog’s life can be turned around by the simple gestures of love and kindness.  Sometimes it goes beyond that and why we are now asking you to be part of this difference. To that end, we have started a “Sponsor A Pup” program!  This program will give you an opportunity to help make a difference in a dog’s life.

Below you will find a list of all those specific fundraisers.  Find your special mutt below and make a difference!  We change the the order often as needs arise, so come back often if you’re a regular giver.  We cannot thank you enough for everything you do!

Please be patient while the applets load…..