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Oprah’s “O” Features Zach & Marley’s Mutts

From Oprah Winfrey’s magazine “O”.  Click HERE or on the image to head to their site for the full article. Zach Skow spends most mornings on a skateboard, zigzagging through hilly Tehachapi, California, with ...
by Bob Guere


All Nine Lab/Rottie Pups Have Been Adopted!

Here are two of the puppies, Boomer and Supercool, with their new families.                         I don’t know where to start with these puppies… When I met the...
by Zach


Natalia - 1

The Burned Puppies

PUPPY UPDATE 10:44 am 4/30/12: Our girls are doing very well in foster care. Natalia has a big brother named Kobe (I guess they’re not Clipper fans) who keeps her occupied and entertained. She also has some feline sibling...
by Zach


Vinny the Champ

UPDATE:  Vinny is now out of the animal hospital and doing well after his setback.  However, the vet bills are mounting up.  If you have a couple of dollars in your PayPal account that you want to get rid of  [cough cough],...
by Zach




You are not going to find a lot of dogs like Lula. She is a true original. Lula is a 3-year-old, purebred Catahoula Leopard Dog, and she is deaf. Lula’s story is unfortunate at best and made me angry when I heard about it. Sh...
by Zach



We have had our share of “Pit Bulls” up here at Marley’s Mutts and most of them have been great; a few have been a special kind of wonderful and Bonnie is one of those. Everything about this dog has made me fall in love w...
by Zach



Tank Has Been Adopted!

This big galoot is Tank the Hank and he is a 2-year-old, neutered, 75 lb., Bulldog/Labrador mix. “Tank” doesn’t really do him justice; he’s more of a Hank- hence the modified name. His physical appearance ...
by Zach


Lerdo Has Been Adopted!

This fine gentleman of a dog has found his new forever home!  Bye, Lerdo!
by Zach



Charlotte Has Been Adopted!

This little love-nugget is Charlotte, a 2-3 year-old,  4 lb., black/grey Toy Poodle. I know what you are thinking, “There is no way that this can be a stray doggy.”  Well, she is.  he was found in Bakersfield over three...
by Zach


All the Husky Pups Have Been Adopted!

We picked up these three darling girls at the Bakersfield pound. All three Husky pup are females and were found stray without a mother. That means that they were not weened properly, but not to worry, we are on it. One of our F...
by Zach



Boy Scouts and the Mutts

Hey Everyone, Well what a weekend for Marley’s Mutts. Zach received his Red Cross Real Heroes award last night and it was a blast (pictures and video to come in a later post). But right now in keeping with the theme of he...
by josh



A few of you have recently inquired about Baloo’s story, so here’s a little refresher. An animal control officer buddy of mine turned be onto Baloo because she didn’t want to euthenazie him and that was really...
by Zach




This is Jude and I have NEVER seen a dog in worse condition.  The current state he is in, is the most visually appalling, blatantly tortuous example of animal abuse that I have ever laid eyes on.  I have seen dogs with gun-sh...
by Zach