Letter from a Foster

Fostering animals is not something I ever set out to do, but I should have known it was a part of my path. I grew up surrounded by animals:  dogs, cats, horses, snakes, birds and even a monkey. I am one of those people that seem to be a magnet for animals of all types. I have had people give me pets, found pets on my doorstep, saved baby birds and nursed newborn kittens. I have a love for animals and enjoy having them in my life.

Working at Boron High School, I found a beautiful white Shepard mix running in the desert and picked her up, bringing her home with me. I wanted to find her a good home, so after posting “Found” flyers around Boron and having no response, I set out to find a rescue to help. I appreciate all of the Rescues in Tehachapi but didn’t find them to be very open to helping me find a home for Scout. Feeling frustrated I came across a number for Marley’s Mutts and called. I was pleasantly surprised when Zach called me back and said of course he would help. He came out to my house and took pictures, gave her shots and posted her on the web site.

Scout was my first true foster and with Zach and Marley’s Mutts help, I was fostering the dog I had brought home. We found her a home within a few weeks and it didn’t take much extra effort on my part. I integrated her with my own dog, Beau, and they enjoyed each other’s company. I did what I could to help her be a dog who would make a good pet. Little things like walking her to the mail box and back or teaching her to sit and not jump. I didn’t work on these things for long periods, just when I had a chance. I think living in a home that loved pets was a great thing for her. When a home for her was found it was a happy occasion, my goal had been to find her a happy loving home and that happened.

Ok, now I’m not sure how I came to be a permanent foster home for Marley’s Mutts. It just seemed that once I saw how it felt to get a needy dog into a good home, I was hooked and happy to foster more dogs. I don’t remember ever having a conversation with Zach about being a foster mom, I think we both just knew that I was happy to take on any dogs in need and believed in Zach’s cause. Every dog we help to make it into a loving home is a victory and I am happy to do my small part to help. I love the dogs I have fostered and can name them all. I haven’t had a problem giving them up to their new homes because that was the intention all along. Each dog I have fostered has given me joy and fostering helps me to feel I am helping out in the world and doing what I was meant to do.

If you are curious about fostering, I say just take the leap and you will love that you did. Thank You, Zach, for your help and letting me be a part of such an important cause.