his behemoth creation is Marley.  Marley is my second foster / adoption since moving to Bear Valley from Hermosa Beach, CA.  A neighbor I had recently met had just adopted him at four months old but was forced to give him up.  I was discouraged about his adoption potential, because of how ugly he is, so I decided to take him in (just kidding).  He remained on the fostering “menu” for only a short time as I fell love with him very quickly.  He was a month old and about eight pounds when I got him and now is five and half and has morphed into a hundred pound monstrosity.  I used to carry him around in my backpack and now I’d throw out my back if I tried to pick him up.  He his a pit-bull/rotweiller mix, but contrary to popular belief is the most gentle, kind and loving dog that I have ever encountered.  He loves other dogs, cats, and people and has a deep affinity for children.  He will literally lick a child clean in one minute flat.

Marley, however, is very scary looking, extremely powerful and intimidating but when it comes to this dog, never judge a book by its cover.  Rotweillers and Pit Bulls do not succeed in the normal dog world because they are sheltered, trained to be attack minded and sometimes encouraged to be evil.  This is a saddening fact of the dog world and needs to change starting with the owner.  For some reason, in many cases, people find that if they create a tough, manly, “don’t mess with me” kind of dog, it will reflect their nature.  Gggggrrrrrr.

  “I am lion, hear me roar”-the kind of person who rather extend a fist in anger than a hand in friendship.  These lowlife people give their breed of dog a bad name and it is a darn shame.

Despite what you might think, Marley is not his team’s pack leader, a dog named Tug is. Tug is half his size and a lab mix. Basically they are complete opposites.  We have had as many as seven dogs here coexisting and never has anyone stepped out of line.  There exists an almost awkward, unspoken (or unbarked) symbiotic understanding.  Our dogs eat, sleep, play, and basically do everything together.  They are all equal and I believe they understand this.   One of the main tenents of this paper is that you should not hesitate to adopt a Rotweiller or Pitt Bull.  These dogs’ reputations have simply been invented and should not be heeded.

If you have the love to give, the space and money to provide- think about fostering or adopting a dog in Kern County. Trust me, it’s worth it.


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