Our dog owner education classes will include the following:

How to select a healthy dog and avoid the spawn of puppy mills

An overview of the traits, abilities, space requirements, exercise
requirements, range of temperature tolerance, expected life span, and
special needs common to the breed the applicant is considering

A vaccination schedule, how to treat common ailments and how to know
when it is time to call a vet

What to watch for, how to spot, and what to expect in the way of
diseases and illnesses as your dog ages

What to expect in the way of medical expenses throughout the life of
your dog, but especially in the first six months

All about health insurance for dogs

How to locate and identify suitably nutritious food

All about suitable bedding for a canine

Dog behavior and psychology basics.

Basic obedience and social skills

How to keep aggressive behavior from developing and how to cope with
it after it is established

How to tell if your dog has grown dangerously aggressive

How to ensure that your dog will not roam, wander, or escape his enclosure

Different training tools, toys and other devices and which are
dangerous practices proven injurious to dogs

The local laws pertaining to keeping a canine, anti tethering, breeding, etc.