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Remember training is a partnership between you, your dog, your family and your training professional.



Training Advice For You and Your Dog

  Many times dog owners find themselves frustrated and angry at their dogs and behavior situations.  All too often the first solution is to give the dog away or surrender them to a shelter.   Far too often, these quick solutions do not provide a positive outcome for your dog.  Plus, every time you get a new dog, the result will be the same unless the owner takes the time to train and teach their dogs and themselves how to live together.

 Dogs need training and guidance in how we want and expect them to behave.  They are dogs, not human mind-readers who should ‘just know’ what we want.   And they are dogs.  No matter how smart they are they do not think or reason like people.  They think like dogs.  But, the great thing is that most dogs are quick and easy learners who not only want to please their owners, but will do so once they know what is desired of them.

Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult – they can learn!   You have to T-E-A-C-H them.  Work with them.  Reinforce what you want.  Reward and praise them while learning.  Teaching your dog does take some of your time.  Even if you hire a professional trainer, you still must work with and reinforce what the trainer has taught them.

Dog training is a social situation that can become a great family activity.   Both the dog and the family can learn desired behaviors together.  Each member can learn HOW to teach and reinforce the desired dog behaviors.  Each can learn how to interact consistently with the family dog(s).  Dog training can provide a fun, family activity that costs very little and yet provides entertainment, exercise, education and outings and socialization for everyone.  And even if it’s just you, dog training is a great social activity.  Local dog parks are full of people who love their dogs, love talking to other dog lovers and enjoy sharing helpful advice and tips.

Consistency is important to training.  Together the family needs to agree on the rules for the dog.  And every family member needs to be committed to gently training and reinforcing these agreed upon behaviors.  For example, If one family member allows the dogs on the furniture, but another yells or punishes the dog for getting on the furniture, the dog is confused. If one family member feeds the dog from the table, but another punishes the dog for begging, it confuses the dog.  The actions of the family teach the dog what is acceptable and expected.


How to Start the Process:

There are many professional trainers, classes, books and online guidelines to help you with training your dog.   For example, most of us are familiar with Ceasar Milans mantra of “Exercise, Discipline and Affection’.   Other trainers have their own training methods and focus points.  You need to research to find the training advice and method that suits you and your dogs’ needs best.  It also must fit into your living situation, your time availability, your family and commitment restrictions.

Just like you, your dog has a personality, an energy level, a mental capacity and preferences. Some dogs are high energy, others are couch potatoes.  Some dogs need social interaction while others are perfectly happy if you are the only human they ever see.  Some dogs love to chase balls or Frisbees, whiles just stand there.  Some dogs love to play with other dogs but others are fearful of strange dogs.  Also remember that some breeds of dogs need more specific training or job-based activities to insure they are happy and healthy.  Watch and observe your dog.  Work with your dogs’ personality.  Provide training that suits both you and your dog.


Professional Trainers:

We believe that hiring a dog trainer does not have to cost a fortune.  Yes, it will cost some money, but it’s often more reasonable than you think and the outcome is very beneficial to you, your dog, your family, your sanity and your pocketbook. It is an investment in a happy home and relationship.

Our philosophy is training is firm, consistent and always humane.  We do not use or advocate training methods that are cruel, harsh or even abusive.

Our training philosophy involves training both you and your dogs.  It is kind of a ‘two for the price of one’ solution.  We provide basic, fundamental dog training, skills, behavior modifications and help and advice for any future issues that may arise.  We help you understand your dog and yourself.

Our trainers provide their services in a variety of methods.  Private, in-home training; private training at their facility or a public place; kennel or facility training with boarding and follow-up classes for you; group/class training; in-home evaluations; and/or more specific help as needed.