eople often contact their local animal rescue, such as Marley’s Mutts in Tehachapi, the SPCA or Humane Society for help with behavior issues with their dogs.  Just like people, dogs need training, can develop behavior issues or problems with aggression for a variety of reasons.  Regardless of the reason, we must re-train the dog to overcome the fear resulting in these issues and stop aggression that can hurt people, other dogs or animals and ultimately result in having to euthanize the dog.



Marley’s Mutts:

Our mission is to help homeless dogs who are facing imminent death in our local shelters.  At any given time KCAS has over 700 animals in their facility.  Most of these animals will never walk out; they will be euthanized (killed).  This is why Marley’s Mutts exists; to help as many shelter dogs as possible become good pets and find loving forever families.  We are the only hope some of these dogs have and it is our mission to help them.

We also are happy to be a resource to help dog owners in difficult situations. We can help you find solutions. But we are not the solution.

We work as a board operated team to save dogs and to operate within our mission standards. Shelter dogs are the most emergent and at risk of death. Therefore, we believe our mission is first and foremost to help save the lives of those dogs.  For this reason, we are not able to accept owner surrenders or publicly found strays.


Basic Training:

Often time the biggest problem people have with their dogs is simple training and obedience issues.

We can offer advice on training or re-training your dog.  We offer some free classes to help dog owners with basic dog obedience.   Contact us or follow us on Facebook to find out when these free classes are scheduled.

Marley’s Mutts also has a private dog trainer, Lisa Porter, who specializes in training and dog aggression issues.  You can hire Lisa to come to your home or other location to work with you and your dog with these issues.  Contact [email protected] for more information.  Or visit our TRAINING PAGE on our website.

We can provide you with a list of businesses, trainers, classes and organizations that provide training as well.


Additionally, we can offer advice on re-homing if that is a necessity.  We can provide a list of other rescues that might have room.  Please be aware that most shelters and rescues are overcrowded, overworked and under-funded.  They can only do so much and they are overwhelmed.  Use them as resources but don’t expect or demand more than they can provide

While Marley’s Mutts cannot take owner surrendered dogs, or strays we will help you find a solution to the problem you are having with your dog.